Luxury Hotels and Spa Resorts in Miami

Miami may be a vibrant and vibrant seaside city in Florida, USA. Miami Beach is one of the foremost famous in the world for its crystal clear sea, soft white sand, friendly surroundings, beautiful buildings, and vibrant nightlife. Miami also features a very sizable amount of Cuban immigrants, and thus the Cuban cultural influence in Miami is palpable with several shopping centers and cigar stores available in places like Little Havana. Once you visit Miami, you ought to stay in a luxurious five-star hotel that will assist you to immerse yourself in the culture. During this article, we’ve allowed ourselves to explain the simplest luxury hotels in Miami.

  1. East Mandarin Miami

This is a world-famous five-star luxury hotel located within the enclave of Brick El Key Island, which is found far away from the center of the town and thus, offers a true vacation. However, although it’s a tourist paradise, it’s still close enough to a number of the area’s nightclubs and other restaurants; so, you’ll easily dine and have a superb night then return to the tranquility of your beautiful room! Among its many attractions are one of Miami’s most charming Peruvian restaurants, and an excellent spa. Keep with its name, the posh hotel embodies a really Asian aesthetic with dark mahogany wood, glossy marble columns, and floors, many bronze sculptures adorning the corridors, and long windows that provide wonderful views. The bay. The hotel has over 300 rooms, all of which are very spacious and have spacious bathrooms with bathtubs that you simply can fully immerse in. the general color scheme of the rooms is warm with hints of honey and cream. All rooms are beautiful, but if you get a set, you’ll find yourself in a spa-like bathroom with stunning views of the bay or city, counting on the space. If you would like to sunbathe next to the beach, there’s a beach on the bay with changing cabins where you’ll relax and unwind.

  1. Kimpton Epic Hotel

The biggest advantage of this luxury hotel is the incontrovertible fact that it doesn’t have one, but two rooftop pools. Kimpton’s EPIC has much in common to think about his self-proclamation as EPIC. Nevertheless, the hotel definitely matches this name and is taken into account as one of the foremost fun and classy places in Miami. The decor is minimalist, but its main goal is to offer the guests the impression that you simply are on the beach, not within the hotel, so all the walls are glass, and therefore, the hotel has many private terraces.

  1. Miami Hilton Airport

This luxury hotel is in a great location because it is simply minutes from the airport. So if you would like to land after a flight and crash into your room as soon as possible, this is often the thanks to go. The hotel has 100 acres of the natural lake and a jogging track for morning workouts. additionally, to the present, there’s also a basketball and court. The hotel has 508 rooms, all with views of the lagoon or city skyline. If you get an area, you furthermore may get your own balcony.

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