Top 10 most fabulous hotels & resorts in Switzerland

Switzerland may be a small landlocked country within the heart of the Alps, bordering Austria, France, Germany, Italy, and Liechtenstein. Beautiful mountain scenery, rural villages, stunning ski resorts, pristine lakes, and plush pastures provide unrivaled winter adventure and outdoor summer fun. The variability of places to ascertain in Switzerland is actually amazing, from giant glaciers, epic mountain peaks, and wild rivers, to bustling cities, world-class museums, and scenic train rides. Switzerland features a sort of luxury hotel, from alpine lodges to elegant lakeside resorts. Here’s my list of the highest 10 luxury hotels and resorts in Switzerland.


The Grand Hotel Kempinski Des Bains is ideally located in St. Moritz-Bad, with direct access to the car station to the Corviglia ski and mountain region. All rooms and suites are elegant, and have less time, reflecting unpretentious luxury and stylish class. With historical motifs but contemporary à la mode, the pictures testify to St. Moritz’s glamorous past, and therefore, the technical team is at the forefront of technology. With three award-winning restaurants (one Michelin star), an Asian culinary establishment, the Alpine Kempinski spa, and lots of other amenities, Kempinski in St. Moritz offers the simplest of Swiss mountains with its sporty and relaxed atmosphere: an alpine getaway. Clean.


Hotel Palafitte is found in Neuchâtel-Montrus in northwest Switzerland, overlooking Lake Neuchâtel, Switzerland’s largest lake. The hotel has 40 cottages, 24 of which are located on stilts overlooking the lake. This is often the sole overwater bungalow complex altogether in Europe. The hotel was opened in 2002 as a part of the Swiss National Expo. 02. By deciding to create a hotel on stilts, the designers created a desirable connection to the traditional history of the site: during this region, archaeologists discovered the remains of Switzerland’s oldest houses built on stilts. Fashionable business and leisure groups, the overwater bungalow complex is additionally known for its beautiful location, and even honeymooners welcome it.


The future of travel is at the foot of the Fluela Pass within the Swiss Alps: Intercontinental Davos. Overlooking Lake Davos, this sparkling steel ball resembles a golden pine cone, and therefore, the inventive cuisine served in three, unique restaurants are totally unusual. Parquet floors and opulent details adorn the 216 individually designed rooms and suites, from where you’ll enjoy the Alpine splendor from your private balcony. After each day on the slopes, relax your tired muscles at the favored spa which features a heated indoor and outdoor pool. The youngsters ‘and Teens’ Club attracts young children and teenagers, also as blockbusters during a cozy cinema.


Hotel View Lugano is found within the Paradiso hills of Lugano, with terraces overlooking Lake Lugano. It’s sort of a giant yacht. The inside design, and therefore, the feeling of searching for the suites and other areas of the hotel causes you to desire to embark on an expensive lake cruise. The hotel offers breathtaking sea views, and guests can enjoy the Mediterranean climate and five-star service. An exclusive journey is a happiness and fulfillment because of its excellent restaurant restaurants, state-of-the-art spa (with a large indoor pool), and great views of the lake and therefore, the Swiss Alps beyond. Guests also can book a butler service to make sure the right stay.


The five-star luxury hotel Alpina Gstaad – the epitome of the exclusive, discreet, and cosmopolitan Swiss resort of Gstaad – is a re-imagined luxury and Alpine elegance. This is often not just a hotel, it’s a singular establishment that mixes authenticity with Swiss sophistication to make an unparalleled Alpine experience. Each of the 56 rooms and suites may be a unique embodiment of Swiss authenticity and class. With the know-how of local artisans, inspiring spaces are created that subtly combine original and contemporary local materials with authentic vintage woodwork. The Six Senses Spa, located within the heart of the Alpina-Gstaad, maybe a true sanctuary of peace and well-being.


This fairytale castle, located above Zurich, was first used as a “Kurhaus” (wellness center) in the late 19th century. Today, it pays homage to the present story with an ultra-modern spa housed in one of the new wings designed by Lord Norman Foster. The 175 rooms and suites are scattered throughout the hotel, all of which are classically decorated and elegantly furnished. The spa has eighteen treatment rooms, separate areas for men and ladies, a water area with views of the encompassing nature, and a medical wellness center. The renowned restaurant The Restaurant, travel by pioneering chef Heiko Nieder, has two Michelin stars. Most astonishing is the hotel’s collection, with over 100 pieces of art, including works by Warhol, Moore, and Salvador Dali.


The Lodge is found within the Swiss Alps above Verbier, a brief walk from the ski lifts that await guests craving a number of the simplest skiing in the world. Mary edition of Sir Richard Branson’s nine-room chalet features a mixture of recent and rustic Alpine décor, upholstered in cream and Swiss chocolate. The two main suites on the highest floor have open fireplaces and balconies from where you’ll enjoy breathtaking views of the Swiss Peaks. The hostel staff, almost one per person, do their best to form your work easier, prepare breakfast and escort you up the mountain. The lodge has an inside pool that connects to a steam bath, gym, and spa, and there’s a little ice-skating rink on the patio.


The Buergenstock complex, 550 meters above Lake Lucerne, maybe a masterpiece of recent architecture on the Buergenberg cliff. It offers four hotels, eight restaurants, and a spa. The serenity that creates it an Eldorado for foodies, wellness lovers, and outdoor enthusiasts. The resort has become a legend since 1873 thanks to its reference to the rich and famous – Audrey Hepburn got married here, Chaplin stayed regularly, and Loren and Carlo Ponti settled in them. Newly built and opened in 2017, the ultra-luxury Buergenstock Hotel & Alpine Spa is found within the heart of the resort. It features an innovative design and floor-to-ceiling windows that provide breathtaking views of Lake Lucerne and therefore, the Alps.

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