Top 6 Hotels and Resorts in Poland

When it involves traveling in Europe, many of us overlook Poland as a destination. However, there are many interesting places in Poland, also as historical, and cultural sights worth visiting. There’s also a ton of variety between cities in Poland and you’ll get a totally different atmosphere when traveling from Kraków to Warsaw and little towns.
Some interesting heritage sites include the Old Town of Kraków, the Salt Mine, the Black Madonna Monastery in Jasná Hora, and Auschwitz-Birkeno. It is also an excellent place to go to an area festival, taste traditional food, hear authentic music, and explore the country’s many castles.

  1. Hotel Bristol Warsaw — Warsaw

Warsaw is the base for several people that visit Poland and therefore, the Bristol Hotel is one of the simplest places to remain within the city. One of the most spartan hotels in Poland, it’s located on the road, in proximity to the National Theater and Opera, the Royal Castle, and therefore, the Old Town. It features elegant rooms and suites that are highly regarded for their luxurious design and exclusive amenities. Guests can enjoy the indoor pool, gym, sauna, steam bath, and restaurants and bars on site. This is often an excellent place to remain within the center of the action, as parks, gardens, a zoo, festivals, and music events are nearby all-year round. This hotel also accepts pets and families.

  1. Palace Bonerowski — Krakow

This boutique hotel is found in the very center of Krakow, in a restored medieval UNESCO building. It’s a true palace with Gothic columns, ancient stones, and rich history. This hotel, which was renovated again in 2012, offers comfortable rooms, including spacious suites. Nearby attractions include the Church of St. Wojciech, the statue of Adam Mickiewicz, and therefore, the Basilica of St. Mary. … this is often an excellent base from which to explore the medieval open-air market and cafes, restaurants, and bars within walking distance. The Bonerowska Gourmet Steak and Fish restaurant inside the hotel serves world-renowned Polish cuisine and exceptional Argentinean meats.

  1. Hotel Copernicus — Krakow

As you would possibly have guessed, this hotel is known after Copernicus, the famous astronomer. It’s a beautifully restored medieval building with structures from the 1300s and paintings from the 1500s and 1600s. It offers elegant rooms and suites, and therefore, the hotel is on the brink of cultural attractions like the National Museum of Krakow and the Poland House. Make certain to dine at Copernicus, a Michelin-rated restaurant that has served many famous people over the years. Here, royal Polish cuisine is at the guts of gastronomy, while the restaurant serves traditional recipes with innovative interpretations.

  1. Hotel Galery69 — Dorotovo

Hotel Galery69 is found in Dorotovo. It offers uniquely decorated rooms with wonderful views of the nearby Masurian Lakes. The planning is straightforward, quirky, and organic, perfect for both the dreamer and therefore, the free. Refuel at the hotel’s restaurant then relax at the pool and spa. Winter activities within the area included skiing, skating, and boating. Popular summer activities include hiking, cycling, picnics, golfing, and swimming.

  1. Jelenia Struga Hotel & Spa — Kovary

To focus your Poland vacation on unique spa and wellness treatments, make certain to go to Jelenia Struga Medical Spa. This spa features a hotel in the secluded Krkonose Valley with clean air, wildlife, and birdsong. The resort prides itself on being in a pristine wilderness freed from electromagnetic smog. The hotel’s award-winning restaurant serves fresh fruit, vegetables, and water from the Jelenia Struga Spa in a casual atmosphere.

6. Bryza Resort & Spa, Hel Peninsula

Although many of us don’t consider Poland as a resort, Bryza Resort & Spa may be a great hotel within the Jurata-Pomerania province. It’s the right place for a romantic getaway with panoramic views of the coastal forest and a contemporary spa offering relaxing and rejuvenating treatments. A couple of steps from the beach, this hotel offers spacious rooms and suites. When you’re hungry, Biata’s restaurant serves traditional fresh seafood. Local attractions include the Seal Sanctuary, Fishing Museum, and Coastal Defense Museum. For a dose of utmost adventure, cash in on the resort’s windsurfing or kite surfing lessons.

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